A brand new overview has discovered that alternating extended intervals of sitting with common breaks to stand up and transfer round might assist offset the damaging results of a sedentary way of life.

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The researchers discovered that taking common breaks to carry out quick, repeated bouts of exercise lowered concentrations of blood sugar and insulin within the bloodstream for as much as 9 hours after a meal.

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Researchers mentioned that essentially the most fascinating discovering is that the degrees of the reductions in blood sugar, insulin or fats don’t look like affected by the depth of the exercise carried out, what you could have eaten, how previous you might be, or how a lot you weigh.

Carried out by researchers on the College of Otago, New Zealand, and the College of Prince Edward Island and College of Guelph in Canada, the overview analyzed 44 research that had recruited wholesome men and women of all ages, to match the impression of extended sitting for as much as 24 hours in opposition to interrupted sitting, utilizing numerous well being markers.

Extra from HuffPost Canada:

These markers included postprandial glucose (glucose measured after a meal, a spike during which can point out issue in metabolizing carbohydrates and producing insulin), insulin (excessive ranges of which might point out insulin resistance and contribute to situations similar to diabetes), and triglycerides (a fats lipid within the blood, which is a crucial marker of coronary heart well being).

Concentrations of triglycerides within the blood additionally decreased, though this impact appears to be delayed, solely occurring 12 to 16 hours after the exercise.

“We must always all be discovering methods to keep away from sitting for lengthy intervals, and to extend the quantity of motion we do all through the complete day.”

Nevertheless, the authors did notice that extra analysis is required to establish essentially the most helpful timing, period and mode of exercise break.

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