Be honest, do you find yourself talking about your dog incessantly? How often do you live-stream the playroom from your pup’s doggy daycare? Do you have a bajillion nicknames for your pretty little pooch?

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If this sounds like you, well then it’s official: You’re obsessed with your dog. But don’t be ashamed, many Canadians see their dogs as an irreplaceable member of the family.

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In partnership with — a great resource for canine health — here are five telltale signs your pooch is Top Dog in your heart.

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Your dog’s food is better than yours

It’s a dead giveaway: You’re the type of dog owner who’s spent hundreds of dollars — and countless hours — finding the food that pleases your best friend’s pallet. You’ve slaved away over the stove, making homemade beef stock to mix in with their kibble, and saved the best bits of meat for their bowl. Sorry kids, Rex needs his protein!

Toys, toys, toys… and more toys

Some dogs have only one toy — your dog has a whole treasure chest full of stuffies. And you can barely get out of a pet store without buying another accessory. Because sometimes Lucy just isn’t feeling her duck squeaker and it’s an octopus-rope kind of day.

Your dog is a social media star

Your pooch is so perfect you want the whole world to know it! By this point you’ve created multiple social channels for your dog, and your furry friend actually has more followers on Instagram than you. Good thing you’re not an ounce-bit ashamed about sending reminders for friends to “like” Rolo’s latest post.

Your dog has her own bed… in every room of the house

One designated spot in the family room simply won’t cut it — your dog is just too precious. Sometimes she’s in the mood for a little downtime in kitchen — or maybe she’s more comfortable pondering life in the master suite. Regardless of the space, you’ve pampered your pup with comfy, relaxing beds all over the house.

Your dog is pampered — and healthy — as can be

Some top-notch doggy groomers charge hundreds of dollars for their services. But that doesn’t matter; you wouldn’t let just anyone cut Marley’s hair. And it doesn’t stop at grooming. You’re also a health conscious owner. That’s why you visit the vet regularly to ensure your pup is in good health. You also visit sites like to stay on top of all the dangers lurking around your dog, especially nasty internal and external parasites, many of which can survive year round, becoming particularly active during warmer weather (even mid-winter Chinooks!).

We know just how important your pup is. Find out more about all-in-one protection for your dog’s health at



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