This was not the kind of ice breaker King’s Street West’s Restaurant Row was going for.

Certainly they knew when they commissioned nine ice sculptures for the front of their businesses that they would eventually melt.


But this they didn’t expect.

“Every one was smashed,” said Joanna Dionisopoulos at the Kit Kat restaurant.  “Each one cost $350.”

It was supposed to be money well spent to show a more productive attempt to drum up support than just protesting Mayor John Tory and City Council’s decision to take traffic off King St. W.

The sculptures by Ice Boy were promoting the “7 after 7” program that saw restaurants like N’awlins, Dhaba, Hey Lucy, Gabby’s, Kinoya Sushi Bar, District Eatery and Craft Cocktails, Pancho Y Emiliano and Kit Kat offering evening specials on their appetizers, drinks and entrees.

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Thanks to the transit changes to keep cars off of the street in favour of streetcars, restaurants on King say they don’t have the volume of customers they once did.

And now they no longer have their customized ice sculptures to help draw in customers either.

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Early Wednesday, a man in kahki pants and a green winter coat with a hood over a red ski toque with matching red mittens destroyed them all.

Last winter the ice sculpture on King Street was giving council the literal finger. A year later perhaps the public can help finger a suspect who gave the 2019 sculptures an icy reception.

WARMINGTON: Cold-hearted vandal destroys King St. W. ice sculptures



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