The bedraggled, terrified-looking woman told cops a head-spinning story.

For seven harrowing days, she had been used as a sex slave and punching bag.


She didn’t know her kidnappers. Didn’t know where they had kept her captive.

What she did know in her heart was that the two men were monsters.

Portland, Oregon these days is better known as ground zero for a woke culture wildly off the rails.

The brothers’ secret torture room.

But in 1988, the Pacific Northwest was the happy hunting grounds for some of America’s most sadistic serial killers.

Inexplicably, her captors released her.

But there was a trio of other women whose identities and whereabouts remain unknown. Rape and torture were part of their daily menu.

For these women, the last call may have been murder.

Paul Jackson and Vance Roberts shared a mother and a sickening compulsion for sadism.

Cops say the duo lurked on the streets of Portland for years, looking for young women to ensnare in their vile games.

This Polaroid of an unknown woman was among the treasure trove of evidence taken from Vance Roberts’ home. CBS NEWS

They would be chained up, tortured and raped repeatedly at their Portland den of depravity.

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Inside the abode, investigators found the usual treasure trove of the demented: Bondage magazines, sex toys, chains, murder manuals and a wish list of potential victims.

A stash of depressing photos has always led police to believe there were more women in the ether who had been victimized by the brothers.

According to True Crime Daily in an exclusive report, the woman who walked away from the twisted twosome is Michaelle Dierich, then 20.

Who are these women? A remaining part of the House of Horrors mystery.

Another woman who got away is Andrea Hood, 17 at the time.

Hood told detectives one of the men wore a mask and the gruesome twosome called each other “Bill.”

Bizarrely, after the brothers were arrested, they were sprung on bail put up by their mom and proceeded to get out of Dodge. That was 1990.

For 16 years cops didn’t hear a peep about the duo until one day in 2006 when Vance Roberts walked into a local cop shop and surrendered.

Big brother got 108 years for his twisted crimes.

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But the little brother was still on the lam. What cops didn’t know was that he was hiding out in Guadalajara, Mexico. He was married, had two kids and was living some semblance of middle-class respectability.

Until 2015 when CNN’s The Hunt With John Walsh featured his case. Someone dropped a dime and Paul Jackson was in cuffs.

At his trial, Jackson’s mouthpiece pointed the finger at his “sociopathic” older brother.

Michaelle Dierich didn’t buy it.

Serial rapist Vance Roberts is serving 108 years in prison. He won’t tell cops anything about the identities of his victims.

“It’s my mission that Paul Jackson is held accountable to the fullest extent of the law,” Dierich said in a statement to the court in 2016.

“He is no less guilty than his brother. He prearranged and planned brutal, unspeakable acts of torture and terror.”

Jackson was sentenced to 18 years in the slammer.

But one nagging question still haunts cops: Who are the other half-dozen women in the fading Polaroid photos?

“That’s the big unknown,” Det. Bruce Parks told The Oregonian.


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For nearly 44 years, the mystery of a missing little girl has haunted Moncton.

What happened to Michelle Lise Wedge that sultry summer night on July 2, 1975, has baffled her family, her community and the cops.

She would be 51 now.

At the time, she was seven years old, full of life and joy and all the innocence that 1975 offered. Then she was gone.

Michelle Wedge vanished in 1975. Her fate remains unknown. RCMP

“She never got to live her life,” her sister Denise Piercey told Brunswick News in 2017. “We will never know what happened to her.”

Michelle was last seen that terrible night around 8:30 p.m. riding her mustang bicycle, popular with kids at the time. I had one.

The bike was later found, standing in solemn testimony to something terribly tragic.

The abandoned mustang bicycle. RCMP

Did she meet misadventure? Was she kidnapped, given a new life or identity?

More likely, she was murdered, her body buried deep in the New Brunswick woods where a disappearance can be a finale.

Cops and her family can now only hope for a miracle.

“We don’t know what happened to Michelle Wedge,” RCMP Corp. Jullie Rogers-Marsh told Brunswick News.

What Michelle might look like today if she is still alive.

Her family seldom utters her name. The pain is too intense and that horrible night again comes into crisp, clear colour.

“There are a lot of theories, but we don’t know the truth,” her sister said.

If you have any information on the disappearance of Michelle Wedge contact your nearest RCMP detachment.

[email protected]

CRIME HUNTER: Clues slim in House of Horror case



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