A Nova Scotia urologist has been fined and suspended for a month after two patients came forward to complain he had not completed a surgery or comprehensive examinations, despite telling the patients he did and billing MSI for them.

In one patient’s case, it was alleged the lack of action led to a seven-year delay in his cancer diagnosis.


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Dr. Samuel Chun, who has a practice in Dartmouth, was investigated by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia. Their findings were released on Thursday.

The complaint from “Patient F” outlines how he first met Chun in 2010, after a referral from his family doctor for a scrotal growth.

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Chun booked the patient for surgery in July 2010, but Chun aborted the surgery because he “noticed changes on examination under anesthesia.”

However, Patient F later found out Chun had sent his doctor a letter to say the surgery had been completed.

Over the course of the next few years, he continued to see Chun, who referred to his growth as a “mystery” as it continued to grow.

By October 2016, Patient F had a tumour and testicle removed, which was confirmed in January 2017 to be liposarcoma, a rare type of cancer.

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The College noted that Chun admitted he recorded and reported to Patient F’s family doctor that he had performed a surgery when he hadn’t.

He also admitted to not taking steps to ensure the patient was referred to general surgery for a possible hernia, which delayed his cancer diagnosis.

The College also found he billed for two exams that were not documented and failed to maintain adequate medical and operative reports.

A second patient — ‘Patient G’ — alleged that in February 2016, Chun did not perform a physical examination but reported to his family doctor that he had performed the exam. It’s also alleged Chun billed MSI for the exam and failed to keep accurate medical records.

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The College notes that “Dr. Chun does not recall whether he did or did not perform a comprehensive consultation, yet for the purposes of this Settlement Agreement, he is willing to admit” to the allegations.

Chun was fined $5,000 and has to pay the College $10,000 to cover the costs of their investigation.

He is also suspended from practising for a month, beginning March 18.

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Nova Scotia urologist suspended, fined for not performing procedures he claimed he did



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