Have you ever used sesame oil in cooking?

It’s not an easy ingredient. I don’t know how many cooking shows I’ve watched in which a chef was heavy-handed with the sesame oil and ruined their dish.

It’s strong stuff. One website warns about going light on sesame oil so you don’t “wallop your guests in the head.”

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So when somebody spilled a “surprisingly large” amount of sesame oil on the platform of Burnaby’s Lougheed SkyTrain Station, it took more than a mop and a bucket to ensure people’s safety.

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According to a tweet from TransLink, the spill made for a “slippery situation” and required several staff clean it up.

“Staff quickly jumped into action using good ole (sic) elbow greases, buckets of water and dish soap to swab the deck!”

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Just another crazy day for TransLink.

People, if you’re going to travel with your groceries, please be more careful. It doesn’t take much to disrupt things for passengers and staff.



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