In just a few days, Manitobans can expect to pay more for fuel, natural gas and propane, and pretty much every thing else.

The federal government’s $20-per-tonne carbon tax kicks in on April 1 in four provinces, including Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and New Brunswick.


Carbon tax to kick in next week — but details for small businesses not yet finalized

The carbon tax will result in an approximate cost increase of 4.4 cents a litre for gasoline, 3.91 cents per cubic metre for natural gas and 3.10 cents a litre for propane.

“The most immediate impact is going to be the price at the pump,” said Todd MacKay of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

“I’m going to fill up my gas tank this weekend. I’m not going to wait till Monday, because the tax is going to make things more expensive.”

Manitoba Hydro estimated the average consumer could expect to pay an additional $88 a year.

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Manitoba to give provincial tax exemption to offset federal carbon levy

The average household will pay $233 more a year as a result of this carbon plan. However, the Taxpayers’ Federation said the long term costs will hit many in the province much harder.

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“When you go to the grocery store, those groceries on those shelves (will be more expensive) because they were delivered by trucks,” MacKay said.

“Hospitals … it’s going to cost more to run hospitals cause of a carbon tax. Those costs are going to end up coming back to taxpayers.”

“You’re going to pay the tax most visibly at the pump but you’re going to pay it just about every else as well.”

The carbon tax is being imposed by the Trudeau government.

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Carbon tax marks a ‘revolution’ to Canadian Constitution: Saskatchewan premier

The Prime Minister has said repeatedly, it’s time to put a cost on pollution. “Pollution is no longer free,” Justin Trudeau said in October.

However, Ottawa has said the program will come with a tax rebate. The average Manitoba household will get a $336 rebate in the first year of the plan.

Monday’s increase is just the first of four annual increases through 2022.

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Fill up your tanks Manitoba, carbon tax comes into effect April 1



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