“This carbon tax is making us uncompetitive, no one can deny that,” Ontario Premier Doug Ford said on Monday morning.

Ford was standing in a service bay at a Ford dealership not far from his Etobicoke home. The official reason for his appearance and his decision to take time to talk to the media was the end of Ontario’s Drive Clean program. The real reason was the federal carbon tax.


“Drive Clean was a bureaucratic mess that outlived its purpose and now it’s history – it’s done, it’s gone” Ford said.

The program, introduced by the Harris government in 1999, was meant to get older, dirty cars off the road. It was successful; it stopped people from driving smog-belching vehicles, but report after report said it was no longer effective.

Emissions from vehicles were down, most drivers were no longer keeping dirty vehicles on the road. Even if the Liberals had won the last election, they likely would have killed off the program, as well. There was not support left for it.

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It’s ironic that a successful Conservative program to reduce emissions came to an end the same day the Trudeau Liberals imposed their carbon tax on Ontario as well as similar taxes in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick.

Ford used his time before the media to hammer away at Trudeau’s carbon tax.

“Everything is going up no matter if it’s your food, your clothes, driving little Johnny to hockey – everything is going up,” Ford said.

He’s not wrong.

Anything that moves by truck, rail or ship will go up in price, if the fuel to move those products is purchased in Canada.

Ontario Environment Minister Rod Phillips said that the Ford government was elected to make life more affordable for citizens, something he says they are trying to do while fighting the feds.

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 (Jack Boland,Toronto Sun)

“So, I think the federal government has an uphill battle to convince Ontarians and other people that this tax is going to put more money in their pockets,” Phillips said.

Ford declared that the carbon tax is nothing more than a tax grab with the word carbon in front of it.

“It hurts businesses. It hurts the people that work there, that hurts communities, hurts Ontario. It’s just a terrible, terrible tax,” Ford said.

Trudeau has maintained that “on average,” families will get back more than they pay “directly.”

That isn’t a line that should be believed.

The income tax form grants anyone that applies for the rebate, and not everyone will know to do this, with a basic tax rebate of $154 for an Ontario resident.

You get an extra $77 for your spouse and $38 for each dependent child. It doesn’t matter how far you drive, how much you spend, that is the formula.

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For an Ontario family of four, the rebate is worth $307.

And yet, those are only for direct costs.

If you are above average, as in your family is larger or you commute a longer distance, then you will pay more.

If you live in the suburbs and drive to work, you will pay more.

Trudeau’s claim that you get back more than you pay is nothing short of a lie. He won’t reimburse for indirect costs like your groceries, clothing or anything else going up.

We haven’t even mentioned that the GST will be charged on the carbon tax.

The new carbon tax is nothing short of a cash grab that will do nothing for the environment. Trudeau knows this, but he just wants you to ignore it and think of those tax breaks he will give you, using your own money for a rebate.

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