Mary Lee Newnham, Emelle’s Catering

First place for caterer


Favourite thing to do in Vancouver:


Bard on the Beach.

What’s one thing you’d change about Vancouver if you could?

Keep bike lanes, but take them off main drags such as Nelson and Smithe.

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What’s one thing you’d like everyone to shut up about in Vancouver?

Bike lanes.

You’ve been given $100, where are you spending it?

Granville Island.

Favourite spot in the city to walk:

Sunset Beach seawall.

Best patio:

Robba da Matti.

Favourite local restaurant:

If not us, Robba da Matti.

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Favourite local grocery store:

No Frills.

Favourite Vancouver neighbourhood:

West End. I live there, everything is close by and easy to get to.

Best local venue to see live music:

The Orpheum.

Favourite local musician or band:

Andrew Allen.

Favourite place for people watching:

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Science World.

Favourite coffee shop:

Melriches on Davie.

Favourite brewery:

Red Truck.

Favourite Vancouver building:

Marine Building.

Favourite Canuck of all time:

Trevor Linden.

Where’s one place you’d recommend in Vancouver that feels nothing like Vancouver?

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden.



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