Look, Ryan Gosling will always be my favourite gosling.

But coming in at a close second are the goslings that appear every year around this time at Burnaby and Deer lakes.


I can still remember taking my daughter Emily to see them. We’d park and sit on a bench and wait – patiently for me and not so much for my daughter – for a proud mama bird to come waddling out with a few fuzzballs trailing behind.

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It has been a ritual in my life going back to childhood when I would ride my bike to Burnaby Lake.

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Burnaby nature photographer Glen Govier brought all those memories back when he sent in some photos he took on Wednesday of the goslings at Deer Lake. They are so fuzzy and delightful that I can’t stop smiling.

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Please scroll through the photos at the time because you’ll also find some amazing pics of the other creatures that appeared at Deer Lake this week.





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