Seriously, do we need just one day to disconnect? According to Leger Marketing, commissioned by the wine brand Félix & Lucie, Wednesday, May 15 is the perfect day to disconnect and refresh.

The recently commissioned research paints a picture of what “encroaching work demands” look like for the average Canadian. And it looks like we’re spending an average of eight hours a week doing work-related tasks outside of work hours – the equivalent of ANOTHER day of work every week being done during so-called “personal” time. Many of us don’t know we’re slaving over a six-day work week.

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What to do? For starters, start recognizing when your work load impacts your personal time. And Félix & Lucie, being French and championing enjoying ‘joie de vivre’ in our lives, are declaring May 15 as the Day to Disconnect – and are asking Canadians to take back that hour to do something they REALLY love. Remember – it’s your time! Spend it joyfully.

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Other stats from the research include:

— One in 10 spend more than 20 hours of their personal time on work every week

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— 35% of salaried and self-employed Canadians have cancelled plans with friends or family to meet work obligations

— 43% believe that getting ahead at work requires work to be completed outside of work hours.

— Check for more details. #DaytoDisconnect 


Today’s the perfect day to disconnect



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