A flood warning has been put in place for the Labrador community of Mud Lake, two years after people were airlifted out of the community as it was hit by unexpected rising waters.

The warning went out to residents of the community near the Lower Churchill River and Lake Melville on Saturday afternoon, with officials advising people stay safe.

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A statement from Newfoundland and Labrador’s Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment said officials are monitoring water levels and crews are ready to implement safety measures if necessary.

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Saturday’s warning followed an ice jam advisory issued earlier in the week for the Lower Churchill region, downstream from the under-construction Muskrat Falls hydro dam.

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In 2017, Mud Lake faced the worst spring flooding residents could remember, when water levels swiftly rose after ice jammed where the Churchill River meets Lake Melville.

Dozens of people were airlifted to safety.

Flood warning issued for Mud Lake, two years after residents airlifted to safety



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