TORONTO —  Kraft Heinz has acknowledged a rather unexpected potential Cree translation of its latest buzzy condiment to reach Canada.

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Mayochup, the crowd-sourced name for its pre-mixed mayonnaise-ketchup mashup, can mean something entirely else in some Cree dialects.

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Arden Ogg, director of the Cree Literacy Network, says that around Moose Factory, the name can be heard as, “s*** face.”

She says that mayo sounds like the Cree word “meyiwi,” which means feces, while the second half sounds like eye, which in parts of Northern Ontario is also used to mean face.

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Heinz spokesman Michael Mullen says the company has heard of the “unfortunate translation,” adding that “the only thing we want our consumers, whichever dialect of Cree they speak, to have on their faces this summer is our newest condiment mash-up.”

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Cree was reported as the most widely-spoken Indigenous language in Canada in the 2016 census with 96,575 speakers, though heavily concentrated in the Prairies.

Kraft Heinz acknowledges ‘Mayochup’ can have very different meaning



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