Cops were slow to name the hit and run motorcyclist who allegedly ran down a four-year-old boy earlier this week, leaving him in life-threatening condition.

And in a Toronto courtroom on Tuesday, the suspect — a man named Darren Dawson — was allowed to wear his hoodie pulled over his face.

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Few courtroom observers had seen anything like it.

Hit and run suspect Darren Dawson hides his face as he exits court on Tuesday, May 28 2019

Kevin Connor /

Toronto Sun

Dawson, 31, is the offspring of late Hells Angels stalwart William “Billy” Dawson.

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He allegedly followed his father into the 1% world of outlaw bikers but sometime during the last few years, sources told the Toronto Sun, he was stripped of his patch.

There are a number of things that will get you the boot from the fabled Angels.

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After all, even outlaws need rules.

Do not do it. Messing with the woman of another Angel is bad news. SUPPLIED

Former Hells Angel accused of hit and run was stripped of his patch



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