Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s promise to ban “assault style weapons” after the next election is great news for law-abiding gun owners and target shooters in Canada.

A ban makes zero sense, will do absolutely nothing to prevent crime, in fact it would increase the number of shootings by diverting government resources away from fighting gangs, and is the last thing law-abiding gun owners want.


So, why is it great news?

Because, If we’ve learned anything about Trudeau over the past four years, it’s that he doesn’t keep promises.

Trudeau is all sizzle, no steak. He’s all hat, no cattle. All talk, no walk. And, thank God for it.

Three men and two women were charged after Toronto Police seized assault weapons, handguns, drugs and cash in January 2017. (Jack Boland/Toronto Sun/Postmedia Network)

Announcement. No action. Move on. Repeat.

Trudeau has established a predictable pattern of behaviour on hot-button issues: he makes an announcement, then does nothing about it and moves on to the next shiny object. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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In a press announcement, Trudeau accepted there is an ongoing genocide targeting Canada’s indigenous peoples. Genocide is a crime against humanity. Somebody should probably do something about that. What did he do? Nothing. He moved on.

On Monday, the Liberal government declared a “Climate Emergency” in the House of Commons. Emergencies are serious things that normally demand immediate action. What action did Trudeau take? Nothing. He moved on.

In fact, the very same day, he jetted off to party with the Raptors in Toronto, then back to Ottawa for a meeting before flying to Montreal. Serious stuff, these “climate emergencies.”

During the 2015 election campaign, Trudeau promised to end first-past-the-post elections. Did nothing. Moved on. He promised to balance the budget in 2019. Did nothing to make that happen – quite the opposite, in fact. He moved on.

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The way I see it, a promise from Trudeau to seize billions of dollars worth of legally-owned, lawfully stored private property from law-abiding gun owners is fantastic news. A Trudeau promise almost guarantees it will never happen.

Which is good for everyone, because it’s a gobsmackingly stupid idea.

Even Bill Blair, Trudeau’s beleaguered minister of border security and organized crime reduction, seemed to have difficulty keeping a straight face when he told reporters last week the government had abandoned plans for a blanket handgun ban but would act to ban “assault-style weapons” quickly after the next election, because they “are so dangerous … there’s no place in a safe and civil society for them.”

So dangerous, the government must act. But … not so dangerous the government must act now. Why? Because Trudeau, thankfully, has moved on.

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They’ll get to it soon-ish. Right after we re-elect them. Eventually. Maybe. Or not.

Bill Blair, minister of border security and organized crime reduction, is pictured during a funding announcement at York Region District School Board in Aurora, Ont. on March 12, 2019. (Ernest Doroszuk,Toronto Sun)

Gun owners can breathe a bit easier. For now.

Sadly, so can the subhuman thugs who murder kids with guns. Who carry guns in public. Who shoot people in crowds. Because, while Trudeau’s government has been steadfastly focused on ways to seize rifles from the innocent people who are least likely to ever hurt anybody with their firearms, they’ve done absolutely nothing to crack down on the gangs who kill with impunity on our streets.

Please, Mr. Prime Minister – do not make a promise to get tough on gangs. No announcement. No new laws. Canada already has all the laws it needs to make our streets safer.

All we are lacking is a government, a prime minister, with the guts to act.

Just do it. Or, move on in October.

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TOWHEY: Trudeau all talk, no walk on gun bans — thank God



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