Richmond Art Gallery is opening its doors to a two-month interactive exhibit which shines a light on what’s happening beneath our feet in the city.

The installation – dig as deep as the darkness, by Alberta-based artist Rita McKeough – features the ever-changing environment below the city.


Themes of the exhibition revolve around the idea of vulnerability of the environment and forces of the natural world.

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Visitors can expect sound, video and interaction objects that will show land and human development as well as the impact on animal and plant species.

“Set from the perspective of displaced local flora and fauna, you are immersed in their plight,” said Dylan McHugh, Vancouver artist and guest curator at the gallery.

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“You are roused to consider our relationship to nature and the interconnectedness of life.”

Guests will experience elements of sword ferns, cranes, excavators and a field of extraction towers at the exhibit.

McKeough, in general, focuses on ethical and social relationships to the natural world in her practice. Her work challenges the status-quo and champions change, while featuring themes like the food we eat, the land we use or the gas we burn.

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The opening reception, which is open to the public, is on July 19 from 7 to 9 p.m. with the exhibition open from July 20 to Sept. 15.



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