The Greek proverb “People who do not see each other frequently, they soon forget each other” doesn’t always hold true.

A Greek restaurant once frequented by late Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is back after a major fire put it out of commission in late 2016.


Many locals have not forgotten the succulent food. Neither has Steak Queen’s owner forgotten his old friend Rob.

Steak Queen — located on Rexdale Blvd. in Etobicoke — did indeed reopen its doors this past April Fools’ day. The restaurant became famous after someone recorded video of then Mayor Ford speaking Jamaican patois near the front counter in 2014.

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Nuri says traffic has been similar as before and he’s grateful to be back in business.

When he first came to Canada in 1995 from Afghanistan he sold ice cream in Montreal, then moved to Toronto, working his way up from dish washer to line cook, eventually saving up enough money to be the captain of his own ship.

“[Mayor Rob Ford] used to come almost every day, sometimes twice a day,” said owner Nuri Nassimi.

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“He used to take a hot dog or hamburger, but then he’d have chicken breasts chop-chop on top of salad, no dressings, no cheese, no nothing.”

“Rob Ford is still in the minds of people when they enter Steak Queen Restaurant, maybe because he did touch lots of people’s lives when he was mayor and was always helping those in need.”

Late Rob Ford’s favourite dish at Steak Queen, chicken breast chopped on top of salad. (Courtesy Nuri Nassimi)


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Nassimi says fire inspectors never told him the exact cause of the blaze, but believes it was the exhaust system on the roof that caught fire and caused his livelihood to go up in flames.

The insurance didn’t completely cover replacing the roof and the interior, so it took over two years for Nuri to save up enough to resurrect his restaurant.

“I don’t think [Premier Doug Ford] will ever come here. He’s too high on the political scene. Rob Ford was different, he used to keep himself like regular people.”

One of late Rob Ford’s favourite restaurants back in business



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