Everyone’s on the edge of their seat waiting for the free agency decision of Kawhi Leonard.

There’s been an unprecedented level of interest in the NBA Finals MVP and the Toronto Raptors since their historic playoff run and ensuing championship parade.


According to data from SEMrush, the number of tweets related to the Raptors grew by 4,400% after their game six victory on June 13 against the Golden State Warriors.

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In the days following the win, Canadian web searches across the nation grew by 2,490%.

The data also shows there was a 1,809% increase in the online search volume of Kawhi as well as 220,663 tweets revolving around the all-star.

The Raptors historic playoff run became a national story as Canadians across the nation came together to support the team.

In fact, 31.8% of Canadians searched the web for the Toronto Raptors during May and June, an indication of the degree to which Raptors mania swept the nation.

That mania continued Wednesday in Toronto as a helicopter filmed a plane arriving from Los Angeles that many speculated Kawhi was aboard when it landed at Pearson Airport and a vehicle caravan that allegedly took him to his final free agency meeting with the Raptors at the Hazelton Hotel.

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Kawhi is widely viewed as the last top tier NBA free agent after other stars like Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson reportedly signed new contracts.

Raptors related tweets surge by 4,400% in Canada



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