The Brazilian embassy in Israel has been ridiculed for badly censoring a picture that appears to show non-kosher shellfish.


The diplomatic outpost was mocked on social media for obscuring the dish, eaten by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

He appeared to be tucking into some lobster with the country’s ambassador in Tel Aviv.

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But their plates were obscured by two smudged black crosses, only partially covering the food, which is not kosher and therefore not eaten by most Jews.

Social media users smelled something fishy, one posting: “They censored the food to hide that they were having lobster for lunch.”

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Another wrote: “That’s some really lazy photoshopping of the lobster.”

“So what’s for lunch, fellas?” a third asked.

One user mocked-up smiley face-shaped plates of food over the shellfish.

Mr Bolsonaro and the ambassador, Yossi Shelley, had been dining just before going to watch Brazil’s 3-1 win over Peru in the Copa America football tournament.

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“They will accompany the game, wishing luck to the Brazilian team in search of another title,” a translated version of the tweet reads. “Go Brazil!”

Mr Shelley has so far not commented on the picture.



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