A US policeman injured after being dragged along a major road by a fleeing suspect’s car has vowed to “bounce back 10 times stronger”.

Nathan Daley held on to the vehicle and tried to prevent it leaving as the driver sped off after being stopped for using a mobile phone in Atlanta, Georgia.

Police officer
Dashcam footage shows Nathan Daley leaning almost halfway through the front window of the suspect’s vehicle. Pic: Dunwoody Police

Dashcam footage from the officer’s police car showed him leaning almost halfway through the front window of the suspect’s vehicle with his legs sticking out.

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The suspect, named as 35-year-old Derric Simpson, in a silver 2019 Chevrolet Malibu, was then chased by a police car.

During the pursuit, Simpson allegedly hit a white van, trapping Daley between the two vehicles before the officer rolled on to the road.

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The suspect continued driving before he was involved in a crash involving several vehicles.

He then fled the car on foot and ran into woodland before being chased and arrested.

Simpson reportedly faces 12 charges including aggravated assault on a police officer, aggravated battery, fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer, trafficking ecstasy, possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, and hit and run

Police officer
Mr Daley rolled on to the road after the driver hit a white van

Mr Daley was treated in hospital for several hours before being released.

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In a video shared by police, the policeman, seen with multiple cuts on his face, smiled and said he would “bounce back 10 times stronger”.

He thanked well-wishers for their support, and joked he was accepting gifts in the form of sweets, including “chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes with sprinkles”.



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