Dozens of swimmers have been injured at a Chinese water park after a wave machine malfunctioned and caused a giant tsunami-like wave.

A video shared on Chinese social network Weibo shows the swimmers being swept up by the rogue wave and sent crashing into each other.


People are heard screaming as the wave rips through the pool towards a group of people on inflatables.

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A total of 44 people were injured in the incident at Yulong Shuiyun Water Park in northern China, according to Longjing officials.

Several were still being treated in hospital two days after the incident.

A freak wave rips through a 'tsunami pool' in a Chinese water park
A freak wave rips through a ‘tsunami pool’ in a Chinese water park

The facility’s “Tsunami Pool” at the water park had apparently suffered a malfunction caused by an electrical fault.

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It was claimed online that the accident was caused by a “drunken man” but this was denied by officials.

An initial investigation suggested the wave machine control room’s power distribution cabinet was damaged.

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In a statement, Longjing Municipal Council said officials were “highly concerned” about the incident and had ordered the facility to close the tsunami pool

The water park, which claims to be the largest water park of its kind in Jilin province, was told to suspend activities while there is an investigation into what happened.



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