Samsung’s news “phablet” device, the Galaxy Note 10, is being launched tomorrow – but a lot has already leaked ahead of the event in New York.

The company announced Wednesday’s launch event earlier this year with a teaser invitation featuring a stylus ahead of a small camera, suggesting the event will be for the successor device to the Galaxy Note 9.

A range of leaks have confirmed that the Note 10 will indeed be the subject of the event – with the biggest goof from vendor Verizon, which published promotional images of the new phone alongside its name on its website.


Whether Samsung has managed to keep any details under tight wraps or whether the whole thing has been spoiled by eagle-eyed leakers is still up in the air.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note range has recovered following the disastrous launch of its Note 7 device, which was recalled after numerous devices caught fire due to faulty batteries.

Here is a look at what to expect.

Among the most prominent leaks have been that of the plus-sized Note 10, now being called the Note 10+ rather than the Note 10 Pro.

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Regular leaker @IceUniverse posted images taken from a deleted Twitter account showing the Note 10+ boot screen, confirming the device name.

Samsung is expected to reveal multiple devices on Wednesday, including some which are capable of handling 5G data rates – the Note 10+ apparently being one of these next-generation smartphones.

Samsung’s Note range has consistently been among the market leaders for camera technology and the punch hole camera design is confirmed both by the invitation graphic and the leaked images.

A video on social media appeared to show a Samsung staff member using the Note 10+
A video on social media appeared to show a Samsung staff member using the Note 10+

Its flagship model is expected to use three cameras, including one with a 13 megapixel lossless zoom telephoto lens.

The promotional material for the event placed the emphasis squarely on its Note range and the accompanying stylus, known as the S-Pen, which functions as a stylus as well as allowing users to take photographs.

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The Note 9 was available for pre-order from 9 August last year, with its 128GB variant available for £899 while the upper-range 512GB device sold for £1,099, but it’s not yet clear what the pricing for the new range will be.

The event in New York will feature a range of new product announcements from Samsung, potentially including a new release date for the Galaxy Fold smartphone.

The company delayed the release of the foldable smartphone after reviewers said the device had broken within the first few days of being used.

Journalists posted scathing reviews of the product, which is designed to be similar in size to a normal mobile when closed but capable of opening up to reveal a tablet-style screen.

Some technology reporters labelled the Fold “unusable” just two days after being sent them by Samsung, prompting the company to admit it had problems with the device.

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The South Korean firm later said an inspection had found the breakages could stem from impact on “exposed areas of the hinge” that allows the device to fold.

It said it had also uncovered an internal issue that could affect “performance” of the display, but would carry out more tests before deciding on a new release date.

The new Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone is unveiled in San Francisco
The new Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone is unveiled in San Francisco

Samsung had been confident the Fold would be a success, hailing it as “unlike any device that has come before it” ahead of its original US release date of 26 April. Its price there will be just under $2,000 (£1,585).

It features a whopping six cameras and other high-end features like an AMOLED display, a fast processor, plenty of memory and an AI assistant.

Samsung had also said it could be opened and closed 200,000 times – or 100 times a day for five years.

But reviewers said removing the plastic film from the interior screen made the phone unusable – although keeping it on did not seem to prevent other devices from breaking, either.



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