An eight-year-old boy in Germany took his parent’s car for a nighttime joyride – hitting 87mph (140kph) on a motorway.

Police in Soest, a town in western Germany, said the boy’s mother had called them early on Wednesday after she noticed both her son and car were missing.

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The child was eventually found on a motorway where he had pulled up in the automatic VW Golf and put the hazard lights on.

He told officers he started feeling “uncomfortable” once he hit 87mph.

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“I just wanted to drive a little bit,” he said.

The police force posted details of the incident on its Facebook page.

“Fortunately, no one was hurt and no property was damaged,” it said.

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The mother said her son regularly drives go-carts and bumper cars and has in the past practised driving a real car on private property.

The legal age for driving in Germany is 18.



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