Seth Meyers Netflix Trump jokes, special will have a ‘skip politics’ button.

There’s almost no escaping jokes about President Trump in modern comedy specials, but for viewers looking to do so, Netflix will have a button for that.

Seth Meyers will release his Netflix standup special, Lobby Baby, on Tuesday, and CNN reports the streaming service added a totally new feature for it. During a segment in which Meyers begins to joke about Trump, a button will appear on screen allowing viewers to skip ahead, similar to how they’re able to skip a show’s intro. Insider’s Kirsten Acuna provides a look at the “skip politics” button.

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This button was evidently added at Meyers’ request, with the comedian telling CNN it “was a way to build in the response to anyone who would say, ‘Oh, let me guess, there’s going to be jokes about the president.'” He added, though, that the button itself is just “another joke,” one he doesn’t necessarily expect will be used.

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Indeed, segments about Trump are a major focus of Late Night with Seth Meyers, so one would assume his most dedicated fans wouldn’t dare skip over these political jokes. But it sounds like he’ll be incorporating the Netflix user experience into his comedy in a meta way similar to how Black Mirror incorporated it into its choose-your-own-adventure film, Bandersnatch, last year.

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Presumably, the button won’t be used outside of this special; if it were to become a regular feature, and subscribers really could consistently avoid certain jokes, the backlash among comedians would likely make the anger over Netflix’s potential variable playback speeds look downright quaint.



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