With October just around the corner, the 2020 Presidential Election is only coming closer and concerns about mail-in voting grow even more serious. On Wednesday The Daily Show with Trevor Noah touched on the multiple intricacies that come with the coronavirus-prompted voting practice.

He started his segment by stating the FBI is warning voters to keep an eye out for disinformation and cyberattacks from foreign actors and cybercriminals.


“Foreign adversaries will latch on the fact that many votes won’t come until after election day and then what they’ll try and do is use that to convince voters that the election results aren’t valid,” he said. 

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After joking that foreign actors’ attempts to interfere in the 2020 election is Trump’s way of “bringing back foreign jobs to us,“ Noah touched on President Trump’s constant skepticism of mail-in ballots. 

The segment featured a video montage of multiple press briefings in which the president grieves the possible delays of election results. But waiting for results, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, isn’t something that’s new to Americans, Noah said.

“I mean we’ve been doing it for coronavirus tests for months now. You know its actually funny how when it comes to election results Trump is like ‘Americans can’t wait this long for important information,’ but when you ask about his tax returns its like ‘it’s a delicate process,’” he said impersonating Trump for his latter point. 

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He went on to highlight a report from The Atlantic that reveals that Trump and his administration are putting together a post-election plan to sway the vote. The Atlantic wrote the Trump administration could try to hold out vote counts for 35 days, which would prompt legislators, who are mostly Republican in these swing states, to choose a slate of electors themselves.

“Once again Donald Trump is the black light on America’s democracy. Thanks to him, everyone is now seeing how America’s system relies on good faith in order to succeed,” he said. 

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Noah ended his segment stating that voters need to take action to avoid such an outcome.

“Basically what I’m saying is Donald Trump is trying to grab the election by the pu**y and America needs to pull a Melania and slap that tiny hand away,” he said. 

Watch the full segment above.

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