The presidential election is just weeks away, with Americans choosing between Donald Trump and Joe Biden when it comes to who will serve as the Commander-in-Chief beginning in January. However, while polls seem to indicate that the Democratic nominee has an edge on his incumbent opponent in the race, Trump isn’t without his endorsements for the job—even though his latest may be from somewhere that doesn’t help his platform.

In an interview with CBS News Friday, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid revealed that the Islamic militant organization was supportive of the President’s reelection bid, with hope that he wins again and follows through on a campaign promise to finish U.S. military operations in Afghanistan.

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“We hope he will win the election and wind up U.S. military presence in Afghanistan,” Mujahid said.

The President’s campaign communications director, Tim Murtaugh, told the news organization that the President and his campaign rejected the support from the Taliban. However, that didn’t stop people from talking about the endorsement on social media, with many noting that they aren’t the first foreign entity to express support for the President.



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