Sen. Elizabeth Warren made a vow to “hold Trump accountable” should Joe Biden win the 2020 presidential election.

Warren stumped for Biden in Maine and New Hampshire Saturday, during which she spoke more about Trump than about her own candidate.


She said a Biden-Harris presidency would hold Trump “accountable” for his response to the pandemic, his alleged remarks about those in the military and his response to climate change.

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“For me, accountability, at this moment, means 210,000 Americans have died from a virus that we should have under control,” Warren said to a crowd of 65 gathered in Manchester, N.H.

“My brothers all served in the military,” she continued. “They were not suckers, they were heroes.”

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Warren’s comments likely were meant as a response to remarks Trump is accused of making, that anyone who went to the Vietnam War was a “sucker” – comments that Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin corroborated with former Trump admin officials.

Warren ended her speech by reminding the crowd of the 2016 election, warning voters against complacency simply because of favorable poll numbers.

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Biden made gains nationally against Trump following the president’s positive coronavirus diagnosis, with a recent Fox News poll putting Biden ahead of Trump by 10 points at 53-43 percent margin.  

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