Whatever happened to just nagging someone?

Two maids in Singapore have been accused of mixing their bodily fluids into food — including one household servant who allegedly thought doing so would make her bosses more agreeable.


Canares Rowena Ola, 43, was hauled into a Singapore court recently on a criminal mischief charge after she allegedly mixed her urine and menstrual blood into a rice dish and served it.

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It’s unclear who she gave the food to or why she contaminated it. The woman’s lawyer has denied the allegations.

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In an unrelated case, a different maid is accused used similar tactics when it came to cooking for the family she worked for, according to a report.

The woman, identified only as Diana, allegedly thought mixing her bodily fluids into the family’s rice and water would keep them from rebuking her over the quality of her work. She was also accused of stealing from the family.

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