Melania Trump will soon be the ex-first lady but has not appeared on the cover of any high-profile magazine during her stay in the White House. This sparked a new round of debate over at Twitter on Christmas.

On Friday, a tweet from publication Breitbart called out major magazines for snubbing Melania, who worked as a fashion model prior to becoming first lady, during President Donald Trump’s four-year term. In contrast, Michelle Obama appeared on 12 covers during her eight-year stay in the White House, including Vogue, Glamour, Essence and Time.


“The elitist snobs in the fashion press have kept the most elegant First Lady in American history off the covers of their magazines for 4 consecutive years,” the tweet read.

It included photos of the outfit the first lady wore when the couple headed to Mar-a-Lago Wednesday to spend Christmas with the extended Trump family. Melania sported a $6,610 black wool coat by Azzedine Alaia and $2,195 thigh-high black leather boots by Christian Louboutin. She paired the outfit with rectangular Balenciaga sunglasses.

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The tweet, which has over 40,000 likes as of writing, prompted fans of the first couple to agree with the assessment as they tweeted praise for the outgoing first lady.

Melania’s husband also shared the tweet and wrote: “The greatest of all time. Fake News!”

“Melania is always, always stunning and elegant!!! It is their loss of millions to not have published cover stories of our lovely Melania so loved by Patriots,” one Twitter user commented on the post. 

“I think it is a disgrace how Mrs Trump has been treated because they don’t like her husband. Look how terrible they treat her son. Never forgot the vile things said about the boy. Americans are not honorable anymore in our actions. We have become a rude and arrogant nation,” another wrote.

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“It’s a disgrace. Melania is beautiful, graceful and kind to boot!” a third user wrote, while another commented, “Melania is probably THE classiest and the most beautiful First Lady EVER. Way more than Jackie O.”

Others, however, did not share their opinions of the first lady, with some mocking Melania over her infamous nude cover for British GQ. 

“Elegant is the last word that comes to mind,” one user wrote, while another quipped, “Thanks for reminding us that no Fashion Magazine recognizes Melania as elegant or fashionable.”

“People in this country are starving, losing their homes and have nothing to give their children for Christmas but, by all means, let’s talk about Melanie’s overpriced and gaudy clothing,” a third user wrote.

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This is not the first time Melania’s absence from high-profile magazines has sparked discussion. In February, conservative actor James Woods tweeted, “If you need any further proof of the shameless bias of the liberal mainstream media, the most stunning First Lady in American history has never graced our nation’s major style magazine covers.”

A letter published on Mercury News in December 2019 said, “If she were a Democrat, she would be on the cover of every fashion magazine, but since her husband, Donald Trump, is our president, they treat her just awful.”

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